I am a multidisciplinary artist working across a range of mediums including moving image, installation, craft and text. My current practice explores the question of individual and collective identities and belonging through our digital footprints. As a first-generation Chinese migrant, I constantly grapple with the notion of belonging, identity and diaspora. I often feel like an outsider where I live, simultaneously feeling like a stranger in my homeland.

My practice incorporates digital media, found objects, sculpture, social media and text. These media draw on the conceptual underpinning of my ongoing examination of personal and collective identity. Blending visual elements from my heritage with aesthetic and material experimentation, I like to think of my work as dynamic visual storytelling with migration and settlement as the main themes explored in a visual dialogue of belonging.


2019 The Eclipses, West Projections Festival & Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial

2019 The Moon and the Bloom, The Connection Digital Gallery Rhodes


2019 Are We Killing Time Yet?, Gaffa Gallery

2018 Counting Time, HIDDEN - A Rookwood Sculpture Walk

2017 Project manager - re/pair - The Big Anxiety Festival

2017 A Name a Day – Instagram Art Project

2017 Stand By Your Name – Youtube #Sharesomegood creator for change challenge

2016 Curator - The Mystery of Prints

2016 Imagine Exhibition

2014 Miracle, Failspace Gaffa Gallery

2012 Curator of Failspace Project, Gaffa Gallery

2009 Disorder, pop up show at the site of Rozelle Mental Hospital

2008 Pigeon Coup, Gaffa Gallery

2007 Ranamok Glass prize 2007, Finalist touring show

2007 Utility: Feast and Famine, Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, part of Sydney Design

2006 600 degrees of separation, Newspace Gallery

2006 Utility: Tacit Tactics, Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, part of Sydney Design

2005 This way Up, Newspace Gallery


2014 2SER Talking through your Arts

2014 Arts Interviews

2007 Ranamok Glass prize catalogue

2007 Artwork featured in Sydney Design Week booklet