Eye Shen
Conceptual Artist I Curator
Well Said Hara.jpg

The Forgotten White

White holds a special place in people's heart. Traditionally, the colour represents purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. A new beginning that opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive. The colour's neutral quality was widely used in the everyday life. The wall, the porcelains, restaurant table covers, cables, receipts... the list goes on. Our desire for the fresh and new has left a huge impression over the years, with excessive amount of white left in the forgotten corners of our landscape. The forgotten white is a representation of our excessive lifestyle revealing our obsessiveness of the perfect and new where objects are disposed after a single use. 

The exhibition is a selection of abandon white objects the artist collected over the years. By bring these objects from oblivion to the spotlight, the artist wants to retell the stories that people once had with these objects but they were ultimately left behind.